Attachment on Coverslip?

Michael J Conboy conboymj at Stanford.EDU
Fri Aug 25 14:16:13 EST 2000

I've had good luck sticking spheroplasts to glass multiwell slides with
poly-ethlyene-imine (Sigma), as a 1% solution (PEI):

1.  coat glass generously with PEI solution
2.  allow to sit 15 minutes (or longer, but don't let it dry down)
3.  rinse well with dI water


In article <8o68i5$hfi$1 at>,
Stefan Jakobs  <sjakobs at> wrote:
>we are trying to attach living S. cerevisiae on coverslips for
>microscopy. Any ideas (other than poly-L-lsine and agarose?
>Any suggestions are highly welcome!
>Thanks,  Stefan.

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