Looking for the best Candida Yeast Treatment

Karen Perron ckperron at earthlink.net
Thu Aug 17 21:27:50 EST 2000

** Note from Moderator: This is off-topic for this group,
** but I'm passing it on. A Web search at places like
** www.google.com, www.hotbot.com, or www.yahoo.com is 
** probably your best bet.  A reader from this group 
** also recommends this site: 
** http://forums.obgyn.net/forums/womens-health/
** regards,                        francis at cmmt.ubc.ca

I am someone who is dealing with a severe case of Candida Yeast in my
intestinal tract.
There are so many programs out there to treat Candida Albicans.  I am
looking for the best treatment available... any suggestions.   What I don't
want is someone who is selling or promoting a product, but someone who can
honestly advise me on a good product.
It will be Greatly appreciated!

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