A question for Pombe people!

Steve K. Cho cho2 at simmons.swmed.edu
Fri Dec 15 16:25:47 EST 2000

Hello, people!

I have a classical yeast genetics question that I am not sure.
The problem is I have a heterozygote knock-out diploid cells in h90 background (homothallic strain). {It's a long story why I didn't start with a heterothallic strain.}
Anyway, this mating type switching causes some potential problem. So, I thought about crossing with heterothalic strain to move the knocked-out allele to the heterothallic background. Then, I got confused. 
h90 cells are h90 leu1-32,ura4D18, ade6-M210/h90 leu1-32,ura4D18,ade6-M210, KanMX6(G418 selection)::my gene. I want to have cells in the genotype of h90(+) leu1-32, ura4D18, ade6M210/h- leu1-32,ura4D18, ade6M216 KanMX6::my gene. So, I can select the diploids using Ade marker. Then, I would like to isolate  haploid cells of h- leu1-32, ura4D18,ade6M216, KanMX6::my gene. My gene is located on 2nd chromosome which mat1,2,3 genes are located. I got more confused at this point whether this can be done or not.

I am looking forward some generous explanations about this.


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