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[pombelist] S. pombe Pfam catalogue updated

Valerie Wood val at sanger.ac.uk
Sat Feb 5 10:09:51 EST 2000

The S. pombe Pfam catalogue has been updated at:


>From this page you can access complete lists of S. pombe proteins
containing each domain, and their database entries.

>From the Pfam page link you can view the species-wide domain
organisation (VIEW GRAPHIC) and now, browse the species-wide
distribution (VIEW TREE). 

For more information about domains present in S. pombe BUT NOT
S.cerevisiae, see the data provided by Lorenzo Cerutti at: 


In the previous catalogue 1508/3726 (40%) had Pfam domains
In the updated catalogue 2101/4423 (47.5%) have at least 1 Pfam domain.
(The expected total proteome size is ~5000)

The most frequently occurring domains are:

                PF00069  pkinase 99 
                PF00400  WD40 86 
                PF00076  rrm 63 
                PF00271  helicase_C 50 
                PF00270  DEAD 29 
                PF00097  zf-C3HC4 26 
                PF00083  sugar_tr 25 
                PF00096  zf-C2H2 24 
                PF00172  Zn_clus 24 
                PF00018  SH3 20 
                PF00005  ABC_tran 19 
                PF00176  SNF2_N 19 
                PF00153  mito_carr 19 
                PF00226  DnaJ 18 
                PF00169  PH 18 
                PF00004  AAA 18 
                PF00106  adh_short 17 
                PF00071  ras 16 
                PF00009  GTP_EFTU 15 
                PF00628  PHD 15 
                PF01423  Sm 15 
                PF00227  proteasome 14 
                PF00324  aa_permeases 14 
                PF00566  TBC 13 
                PF00128  alpha-amylase 13 
                PF00122  E1-E2_ATPase 13 
                PF00036  efhand 13 
                PF00179  UQ_con 13 
                PF00443  UCH-2 13 
                PF00583  Acetyltransf 12 
                PF00442  UCH-1 11 
                PF00515  TPR 11 
                PF00023  ank 11 
                PF00787  PX 10 
                PF00118  cpn60_TCP1 10 
                PF00149  STphosphatase 10 
                PF00433  pkinase_C 

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