SAGE tags

Aidan Weatherill aweather at
Thu Feb 17 08:58:04 EST 2000

I think I am being a bit dense and no doubt a literature search would 
answer my question, but I am going to ask it anyway :-)

First I should say that I am a gene expression neophyte and I have not had 
anything to do with sage tags before. I have skim read through Ve 
velculescu's 1997 paper cell vol 88 243-351. But not the 1995 one (science 
does not have the full paper on line and I have not been down to the 
library yet ;-)

I will also scour once I post this, but a cursory glance 
did not elucidate the answer.

OK then the question is

Where does the RNA for sage tags come from?

Mostly from the tRNA obviously. But if you look at

And the gene SSY5 which I have no interest in but as a random example and 
there are lots like it.

It has a sage tag that corresponds to the non-coding strand and is unique 
in the genome.

Where does it come from?

The next gene upstream is 10KB away, which seems long for RNA translation 
run on.

Any thoughts welcome especially references!



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