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Sat Feb 19 02:07:13 EST 2000

As a sort of side project at school, I'm examing different models of
artificial selection.  I've been making sourdough bread and beer for a
while, and I'm pretty comfortable with the main differences between
various yeasts (and among bacteria that are present in sourdough but not

present in brewing).  One of the main difference among yeast in
sourdoughs, and the reason I'm interested in them, is that, from what I
understand, different yeast (Candida krusei, Saccharomyces cerevisiae,
Pichia saitoi, Candida milleri., and Saccharomyces exiguus among others)

grow best under different combinations of sugars (some prefer maltose to

dextrose or arabinose to lactose, etc).  (Please correct me if my
concept of yeast isn't quite right).

I noticed that they have the whole (more or less?) genome of
yeast(Saccharomyces) mapped at Stanford ( ).  For my project, I need

to learn how to identify the genes responsible for yeast diets (the
genes that produce the proteins (enzymes) that are responsible for
metabolizing sugars (or other important foods like ascorbic acid,...).

Does anyone have any references (books on yeast genetics) that they
would reccomend?  Is there a better newgroup to post to?



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