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Dear Blair,

	It's very straightforward to identify proteins involved in S.
cerevisiae sugar metabolism using the Yeast Proteome Database (YPD;  YPD is a database in which
information from the scientific literature about all the proteins encoded
by the S. cerevisiae genome is collected and summarized in a one
page-per-protein format. The YPD Full Search form
( lets you search
S. cerevisiae proteins by a variety of criteria.  For example, a search for
all proteins with a role in carbohydrate metabolism brings up 227 hits.
>From the search output, you can click on any protein name to go to its
detailed Protein Report.  Hope this is helpful!

Maria Costanzo
Editor, Fungal Knowledge Systems
Proteome, Inc.

>As a sort of side project at school, I'm examing different models of
>artificial selection.  I've been making sourdough bread and beer for a
>while, and I'm pretty comfortable with the main differences between
>various yeasts (and among bacteria that are present in sourdough but not
>present in brewing).  One of the main difference among yeast in
>sourdoughs, and the reason I'm interested in them, is that, from what I
>understand, different yeast (Candida krusei, Saccharomyces cerevisiae,
>Pichia saitoi, Candida milleri., and Saccharomyces exiguus among others)
>grow best under different combinations of sugars (some prefer maltose to
>dextrose or arabinose to lactose, etc).  (Please correct me if my
>concept of yeast isn't quite right).
>I noticed that they have the whole (more or less?) genome of
>yeast(Saccharomyces) mapped at Stanford (
> ).  For my project, I need
>to learn how to identify the genes responsible for yeast diets (the
>genes that produce the proteins (enzymes) that are responsible for
>metabolizing sugars (or other important foods like ascorbic acid,...).
>Does anyone have any references (books on yeast genetics) that they
>would reccomend?  Is there a better newgroup to post to?

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