Na gradient in pombe

pierreb1 at pierreb1 at
Tue Jan 11 22:51:37 EST 2000

(HI! I am sending ths message for Pierre Bissonnette,
bissonnp at PHYSIO.UMontreal.CA, who is thinking to use Sc. pombe for
heterologous expression of a transporter. Thanks for your help! 

P. Belhumeur
U. of Montreal)

I'm interested in testing the human Na-dependant glucose transporter
would be expressed in Sc. pombe.  The functionality of this transporter
requires an inward Na gradient along with negative transmembrane
(negative inside).  In order to design my experimental conditions I
like to know what is the intracellular sodium concentration as well as
transmembrane potential of Sc pombe (or related yeast if data not
for that strain).
                                thank you in advance

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