Rate of Growth of Yeast

Alex Brands abbrands at artsci.wustl.edu
Fri Jan 14 19:06:21 EST 2000

On 13 Jan 2000, Colin Rasmussen wrote:
> Bazga Ali wrote:
> > I am investigating the effect of concentration of glucose on the rate of
> > growth of yeast. If they are grown in a test tube for a period of 48 hours
> > what type of respiration are they using. Does the type of respiration cause
> > them to multiply in a different way.
> If they start off at low density and are aerated they are likely growing
> aerobically.  If you don't agitate them and they are getting crowded,
> eventually they will be growing anaerobically.

If glucose is the carbon source, yeast will rely largely on fermentation 
even when at low density with good aeration.



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