secretion of peptides (alpha factor)

Gustavo Mac Intosh gustavo at
Wed Jul 19 07:53:45 EST 2000

I used a vector developed by Ron Raines' Lab, and it worked very well. It has an
alpha factor signal that is procesed during secretion. And it has been used to
express ribonucleases that have a complex pattern of disulfide bridges and
The paper that describes the vector system is:
delCardayré, S. B., Ribó, M., Yokel, E. M., Quirk, D. J., Rutter, W. J. &
Raines, R. T. (1995) Protein Eng. 8, 261-273.
You could request the plasmids and protocol to Raines Lab (University of
Wisconsin, Dpt of Biochemistry).

Good luck

Gustavo MacIntosh

Angelika Lehr wrote:

> Hi,
> I have just started to work on the overexpression of heterologous
> peptides in yeast.
> My aim is to construct yeast clones,
> 1, that are able to  process our peptides efficiently, for they have a
> quite complex three-dimensional structure forming several disulfide
> bridges
> 2, that allow efficient secretion of the peptide into the culture
> medium.
> Could someone help me with any information on the most appropriate
> expression cassette for this purpose.
> How about vectors based on the alpha factor gene??? Are they much
> superior to the ones containing the invertase secretion signal peptide??
> And is there any chance to get the alpha factor expression cassette
> besides buying it frome one the specialized companies???
> I dearly hope that anyone out there can help me with these thing. Thanks
> in advance for your help.
> Angelika
> Dr. Angelika Lehr
> IPK-Gatersleben (Institute for Plant Genetics and Crop Plant Research-
> Gatersleben)
> Corrensstraße 3
> 06466 Gatersleben
> Lehr at


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