Gigantic Kefir Yeast Intestinal Colonization Fills Nearly All My

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Tue Jul 25 13:00:31 EST 2000

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Professor Francis Ouellette advised me to address to you.
I would like to apply to institutes or scientists who are busy in vivo
clinical research into patients suffering from intestinal yeast colonization.
Because my colonization is GIGANTIC and from very different yeasts
(than the usual colonizations) and because all my efforts for my cure
have failed, the only solution for me is to be hospitalized for a constant
research on me. I read that scientists would be very interested in such
a case because it could contribute to a "clear out" of the existent
controversies concerning the subject of intestinal yeast colonization.
In case you are interested to my request, please let me know.

Yours sincerely,

John Diakoyiannis


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