Cycloheximide availability?

Michael Andres McMurray mmcmurra at
Mon Jun 5 15:47:09 EST 2000

Recently I was having some background problems with YEPD + cycloheximide
plates, so I tried another lab's batch (which was not quite as old as our
1989 stock) and got better results.  So I'd like to order some new
cycloheximide, but I've found that Sigma no longer makes it, that Fluka
has discontinued selling it, and that 0 of 10 published papers using
cycloheximide in cerevisiae bother to mention where they got it.

Where can I get cycloheximide (also called actidione in some catalogs) for
yeast media?  I'm very puzzled at this apparent difficulty in finding
what I had considered such a common chemical.

Thanks for any advice,


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