Yeast colony PCR - who can do it?

Thomas Leber leber at
Wed Jun 7 10:00:05 EST 2000

I would like to rapidly screen a large number of yeast colonies form a 
plate by PCR for the presence of an insert in a plasmid. Working with 
bacteria, one can simply drop the colony into the PCR mix and off you go. 
With yeast this does not seem to work or does someone has good experience 
with this? Alternatively one has to extract the plasmid. Does someone has a 
very easy method which can be scaled up to do lets say 50 colonies 
conveniently at the same time? I guess it could also work to only break up 
the yeast cells and to use the lysate for PCR. Yeast is, however, 
notoriously difficult to open. Does someone has a quick method?
Thanks for your help


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