Postdoctoral Position

David Balasundaram davidb at
Wed Jun 14 03:16:46 EST 2000

Postdoctoral Position

A Research Fellow position is available immediately in the Laboratory of
Nucleopore Biology, Institute of Molecular Agrobiology, National University
of Singapore, to investigate Nucleopore proteins (Balasundaram et al, Mol.
Cell. Biol 19, 5768-5784 ,1999) in the fission yeast S. pombe.
Nucleocytoplasmic trafficking is essential for the biogenesis of the
nucleus, for housekeeping functions, and for the regulation of gene
expression during the cell cycle. The long-term objectives of the Laboratory
of Nucleopore Biology are to identify, characterize and study the proteins
that mediate nuclear transport in the fission yeast, S. pombe
 The position requires a Ph.D. with published experience in molecular
cloning and yeast cell biology and preferable experience in fluorescence
microscopy.  Past experience in yeast genetics would be an added advantage.
 Research Fellow appointments are normally for a period of three years with
extensions possible.  The salary range for this position starts at S$ 53,
820=00 per annum (currently  1S $ = 0.7 US$).  The actual salary  will
depend on qualifications and experience.  In addition, substantial benefits
include relocation expenses, housing subsidies, children¹s education, travel
to meetings and a possible one or two month¹s bonus are available to
qualified  candidates.

Please send, Fax or email cover letter, curriculum vitae, and names of three
references to:
David Balasundaram, Ph. D.,
Senior Scientist,
Laboratory of Nucleopore Biology,
Institute of Molecular Agrobiology, NUS,
Research Link, NUS, Singapore 117604
Tel: (65) 872-7428
email: davidb at

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