Postdoc Opening, Transcription Control & Promoter Selection

Eric D.Siggia siggia at
Wed Jun 14 13:55:20 EST 2000

Professors Fred Cross and Eric Siggia at Rockefeller University,
have an opening for an experimental postdoc
who is interesting in using yeast as a model system for transcription
control and willing to work with a group of physicists and
computer scientists modeling mRNA expression data.
Possible approaches include selection experiments
on randomized promoter libraries built from
putative regulatory motifs inferred computationally,
but the candidate will have considerable autonomy to design their
own approach consistent with the goal of relating sequence to
expression.  Prior experience in transciption and/or yeast
experimental approaches is required.
No prior experience in bioinformatics or modeling
is necessary, but some prior exposure to the physical sciences
or mathematics would be an asset.  Please circulate to potentially
interested individuals.

Prof Fred Cross     fcross at
Prof Eric siggia    siggia at

Rockefeller University
1230 york Avenue
New York, NY. 10021


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