Cycloheximide availability!

Michael Andres McMurray mmcmurra at
Wed Jun 21 12:30:08 EST 2000

This is a follow-up to my earlier query about where to find
cycloheximide; I want to post the results of my search and hopefully save
people some time in looking for the drug.

The short story: I just got 1g cycloheximide (1g Cat. #C1470) from
Spectrum Chemical
Mfg. Corp, 14422 S. San Pedro Street, Gardena, CA 90248. 1 800 722-8786,

The following companies do not have cycloheximide:
US Biologicals, Research Organics, Sigma, Fluka, Aldrich, ICN Biomedicals
Inc.  I have been told that the primary manufacturer failed an FDA audit,
which has led to the dwindling supplies, and I get the impression that
most companies are now scrambling to come up with their own synthesis
method to meet the obvious demand!

Thanks for all the responses to my orignial post that helped me in my



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