chromosome II clones

Beth A.Montelone bethmont at
Wed Mar 1 18:28:03 EST 2000

Does anyone out there have any large plasmid or cosmid clones 
from the proximal left arm of chromosome II?  We have mapped a 
gene to this region and need to test some candidate ORFs for 
complementation of our mutant.  I tried contacting Prof. Feldmann 
who was in charge of the chromosome II sequencing project, as 
they generated a number of nested cosmids in this work, but 
apparently he has retired and the cosmids are no longer available.  
The region we are particularly interested in is that covered by the 
alpha1008.5 cosmid, which contains 32kb of the left arm, plus 
cosmids that overlap alpha1008.5 in both directions.

If you possess any such clones, please let me know.  My student 
will be very grateful!

Beth Montelone, Ph. D.
Associate Professor
Kansas State University
Manhattan, KS  66506
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Beth A. Montelone, Ph. D, Associate Professor
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Kansas State University
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