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Thu Mar 9 00:05:12 EST 2000

Hi Laura,

	If I understand your question correctly, you're trying to find the
biochemical functions and roles of yeast and E. coli proteins that come up
as BLAST hits to your sequence of interest?  For S. cerevisiae, this
information can be found in the Yeast Proteome Database (YPD; YPD is organized in a
one-page-per-protein format and has a web page or Protein Report for each
known or predicted protein of S. cerevisiae.  Information from the
literature is summarized on each page as tabulated protein properties and
free-text annotations. Each protein is classified by its function, role,
subcellular localization, and other categories. YPD can be searched by gene
name, systematic open reading frame name, function, role, and many other
criteria.  Hope this is helpful!

Best regards,
Maria Costanzo

>I am trying to categorize BLAST results into gene/enzyme/metabolic
>categories.  Does anyone know of a reference that gives standards used in
>yeast and/or E. coli for such categories.  I have searched a number of the
>bionet archives to no avail after seeing mention of such a reference a few
>weeks ago.  Thanks for any information you might have.
>Laura Fredrick Marek
>Iowa State University
>lmarek at

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