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I am posting this again with proper line length set, because my newsreader 
had a fit with it :)

I have no connection with the meeting so dont e-mail me about it :)


>The Yeast Genetics and Molecular Biology Meeting will be held July
>25-30, on the University of Washington campus. 
>We would appreciate hearing your recommendations for workshop topics for
>this meeting.  Workshops can focus on either global issues of broad
>relevance or more directed topics.  They are not meant to be
>mini-platform sessions, but venues for discussion of techniques,
>approaches, emerging themes, careers, teaching, etc.  We are
>particularly interested in hearing suggestions from graduate students
>and postdocs. 
>Please email me your suggestions, which we will discuss at the
>organizational meeting at the end of April. 
>Note that abstract deadline is April 3 (see
> or
> for more
>If you are planning to attend the YGM 2000 meeting and stay on campus,
>MAKE YOUR HOUSING RESERVATIONS as soon as possible to avoid potential
>shortages of dormitory space. 
>Robin Wright
>Robin Wright
>Department of Zoology, Box 351800
>University of Washington
>Seattle, WA 98195-1800
>Fax: 206-543-3041

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