GFP tags in yeast

Alex Grant grant at
Fri Mar 31 17:09:32 EST 2000

On a similar note.  Does anybody have a Saccharomyces strain with GFP
integrated into the genome?  Are you willing to lend it out?


Alex Grant

On 31 Mar 2000, B.Drees wrote:

> I am thinking about tagging some yeast proteins with GFP or GFP variants
> for localization.  I'm trying to decide on the best strategy to use for
> this.  My main questions are:
> - Integrate tag into genome or express fusion on plasmid vector?  So far
> my integrated tags are invisible so I am leaning toward using plasmids.
> - N-terminal or C-terminal fusions?  Will an N-terminal fusion screw up
> localization signals? 
> - Inducible or constitutive promoter on the vector?
> Thanks!
> Becky Drees

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