source for GAL4 antibodies?

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Sun May 14 15:47:14 EST 2000

Alex Brands <abbrands at> wrote:

> I have been doing some 2-hybrid experiments, and I would like to do
> Western Blot analyses to determine if the fusion proteins are being made.
> To do this I need antibodies to the Gal4BD and Gal4AD.  Clontech sells
> these, but they charge $225 for an amount sufficient to do 10 blots.  This
> seems very expensive compared to other antibodies I have priced.

In addition to the rather high price the BD antibody is less than optimal 
(politicaly correct phrase used) - avoid it if you can.
Which vectors do you use for your experiments? At least the fish vector 
should contain a tag (e.g. HA).


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