prey - bait ??

bonyadi bonyadi at
Sat Nov 25 08:57:44 EST 2000

Hi every body,
I used my bait to find its partners throughout the library.
I found couple of them.
One question:
I have a prey (cDNA), which was initially positive. Now this prey is acting
strange ? 
well, When I perform co-transformatio of this prey + plasmid (which has the
bait), i don`t see any colony in Selective media.
However, the interesting part is that, when I performe co-transformatioin of
this plasmid (prey) + the plasmid (without the bait = empty plasmid) , I am
getting very good colonies in selective media.

I am using AH109 strain, and the selective media is -Ade -Tr -Leu -His.
* If it is autoactivation (of prey): I have to see colonies in both cases???

Any suggestion would be apreciated,
Morteza Bonyadi, PhD,
Lab. De Biologie Cellulaire Et Moleculaire Du Controle De La Proliferation,
Universite Paul Sabatier,
CNRS UMR 5088- Batiment 4R3 B1,- 118 rte de Narbonne-
Bonyadi at
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Tel/Fax : ++33 5 61 55 69 19

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