quantitative lacZ measurements

Frederik [iso-8859-1] Börnke ricky_boernke at gmx.net
Tue Sep 12 03:42:14 EST 2000

Dear yeasters,

I am trying to quantifiy my two-hybrid positives using the ONPG
assay. I know that I have some strong ones, however, I obtain
obsolutely no signal. I even left the samples incubating over
night, but nothing. Since I have some clones which do not interact
I grew the cultures in trp/leu medium in order to have growth in
any case. I am aware of suboptimal reporter gene expression under
these conditions, however, at least with the strong interactors
I should see something, shouldn't I? Filterlifts work fine with
colonies grown on trp/leu plates. Is there anything else to 
consider? Are there any alternatives to quantify interaction?
Any hints appreciated.


Frederik Boernke
Research Group of  Molecular Plant Physiology
Institute for Plant Genetics and Crop Plant Research (IPK)
Corrensstr. 3
06466 Gatersleben
Tel.  039482 -5 321
Fax. 039482 -5 515

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