vector for secretion of proteins in cerevisiae

Peter Mastrangelo peter.mastrangelo at
Wed Sep 13 15:26:51 EST 2000

Dear Yeasters,

I'm looking for a vector to target protein expression to the secretory
pathway that has a Ura selective marker.  I happen upon pYEX-S1 that used
to be sold by Clonetech but they have discontinued this product, and the
company that supplied them has been sold and changed name (ref. Gene 142
(1994) 113-117).  It seems to me that if a company no longer intends to
sell a product they should at least make it available in a public reservoir
(ex. ATCC).  Does anyone have this vector or something similar that they
could send me.

Many thanks,


Peter Mastrangelo, Ph. D.,
Centre for Research in Neurodegenerative Disease,
Tanz Neuroscience Bldg.,
University of Toronto,
6 Queen's Park Cres. West,
Toronto, Ontario, Canada.
M5S 3H2

e-mail: peter.mastrangelo at
tele: (416)978-3408/(416)978-8908
FAX: (416)978-1878


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