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Fri Sep 15 09:51:50 EST 2000

Hi every body
I have faced a problem, and I would be grateful if any body could help us in
this aspect:
I have been working on finding some partners of a protein involved in cell
cycling. I have found some positives by using AH109 strain. After extracting
plasmid and doing transformation on bacteria and PCR, I started to redo
transformation on AH109 +Bait with these putative positive cDNAs
(reconfirmation of the results).
This time when I took my AH109+Bait yeast and did transformation on them by
using my cDNA (putative positives), the outcome has been quite unexpected. I
keep getting some colonies which are clumpy (when i try to pick up small
part of the colony, whole colony come together, they look like chewing gum
when you want to pick them up).
I have to mention that colonies from the original yeast (AH109+Bait) is
quite natural  .
I changed all the solutions and media, but no changes has been observed.
I would appreciate if any of you could let me know which reason could be
behind this phenomena?
And how could i solve the problem (if there is any solution)?
Thanks in advance
Morteza Bonyadi
Morteza Bonyadi, PhD,
Lab. De Biologie Cellulaire Et Moleculaire Du Controle De La Proliferation,
Universite Paul Sabatier,
CNRS UMR 5088- Batiment 4R3 B1,- 118 rte de Narbonne-
Bonyadi at
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Tel/Fax : ++33 5 61 55 69 19

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