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Tue Apr 3 16:35:27 EST 2001

Hi everyone:
I have established a pombe community news web page at
http://pingu.salk.edu/~forsburg/community.html .

Its purpose is to help disseminate news of broad interest to pombe
folk.  It will not be an archive, but dynamic, and updated regularly
(assuming there is any news!).  Short newsbites are therefore solicited.

It also includes a section for available postdoc positions in pombe
labs.  They will be listed for no more than three months after
submission, unless the lab head requests an extension.  There isn't room
for detailed advertisements, only the PI/lab group name and location,
short (1 sentence) description of the project, and an email address and
/or web site for further information.

Please send any pombe news or pombe postdoc positions and I will add
them to this page.

I am hoping that Paul and the organizing committee, and Val and the
Sanger folk, will also send updates for inclusion.

Suggestions (as always) are welcomed.  We'll see if there is enough
interest and news to keep it going.


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S L Forsburg, PhD  Associate Professor
Molecular Biology and Virology Lab
The Salk Institute, La Jolla CA

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