culturing yeast in 96-well microtiter plates

Rachel N.Fish rfish at
Fri Apr 13 20:35:28 EST 2001

         I am growing S. cerevisiae in 400ul microtiter wells (96-well 
format) with the goal of doing growth curves.  (I have access to a plate 
reader.)  I place the plate on an orbital shaker, set to about 375rpm (this 
is sufficient to allow the culture to swirl up the sides, hopefully 
preventing aerobic growth).  The problem is that the yeast accumulate on 
the bottoms of the wells (and sometimes along the edge of the 
bottom).  This interferes with the ability to get accurate readings of 
absorbance.  I'm sure that at the speed I'm shaking them, they shouldn't be 
settling out... my only guess is that I'm setting up a vortex, resulting in 
the accumulation.  (Not very convincing, though.)
         Has anyone else tried to do this?  Any suggestions as to how to 
avoid this accumulation?
         Thanks in advance for any help.

Rachel N. Fish, Grad Student
MCB, UC Berkeley
Lab: (510)643-6136
rfish at


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