Can petites sporulate?

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Sun Jan 7 19:57:33 EST 2001

On 8 Jan 01, at 0:08, Michael Andres McMurray wrote:

> This seems like one of those fundamental aspects of yeast biology that
> I really should know, but I can't find in any of the usual references
> whether or not S. cerevisiae petites can sporulate.  From experience,
> it appears the answer is no.  If the answer is no, can someone tell me
> also why not?
The answer is no.  I think it's because they can't use acetate or 
whatever alternative carbon source is in the sporulation medium to 
grow on and so die rather than sporulate.  Someone with a better 
knowledge of sporulation or access to their reference material may 
be able to give you a better answer!

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