euGenes, multi-organism genome information system

Don Gilbert gilbertd at
Sun Mar 4 13:06:30 EST 2001

            Genomic Information for Eukaryotic Organisms

        euGenes is a genome information system that provides a
          common summary of genes and genomes of eukaryotes.

 Recent additions (Jan-Feb 2001):
    + maps of Human genome (GoldenPath public draft dataset) 
    + Gene Ontology standard vocabulary for gene functions,
      biological processes and cell locations

    + 7 popular organisms: human, fruitfly, worm, mouse, yeast,
      mustard weed, zebrafish
    + primary information on all known protein coding genes of
      these genomes
    + flexible, usable whole-genome map display with feature
      annotations, chromosome locations and molecular data
    + consistant gene symbols, identifiers, and known synonyms
    + gene homologies (BLAST) to find commonality among organisms
    + standard vocabulary of molecular function, process and cell
      location (Gene Ontology) is integrated into gene search and

 Under the hood:
    + quick, efficient search, retrieval and display methods
    + up-to-date information drawn from several primary public
    + integrates diverse genome data into common format
    + extends FlyBase genome information system technology to
      several genomes
    + compares favorably to other genome information systems for
      content, comprehensiveness and usability.

  Please send your comments and suggestions to 
     mailto:eugenes at

  Don Gilbert 

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