CHEF results for S. cerevisiae

Ethan Fingerman fingerma at
Mon Mar 12 00:00:45 EST 2001

Hi.  I've been doing some CHEF electrophoresis on wild strains of S.
cerevisiae and am having trouble interpreting the results.  I've been
seeing a lot of variation in the largest band, which I take it is
variation in the length of the rDNA repeats on chr XII.  The problem is
that I am not seeing a distinct band for chr IV.  The next largest band
after the variable one is the doublet for chr VII and chr XV (I think).
I have two questions -- could this top, variable band actually represent
chr XII and chr IV?  And if so, why does chr IV co-migrate and co-vary so
consistently in my sample with chr XII?  Even though the size of chr XII
can vary a great deal, the size of chr IV should be relatively constant,
	I'm pretty new at running these gels, and the literature hasn't
helped me to resolve this.  I'd be very greatful for any thoughts that
anyone might have.  Thanks in advance.
		Ethan Fingerman


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