Vector for overexpression

simona.oliaro at simona.oliaro at
Wed Mar 14 04:42:45 EST 2001

  Dear Yeasters, 

I'm looking for a vector to overexpress a yeast membrane protein in 
S. cerevisiae. I read some paper about overexpression of soluble 
proteins with pYES2 but I wonder if this vector is useful for the
overexpression of membrane proteins also. Does anyone have any 
suggestion for a vector like this?
Does anyone have this vector or something similar that they could 
send me. 

Many thanks, 


Simona Oliaro 
Dip. di Scienza e Tecnologia del Farmaco 
Università di Torino 
C. Raffaello 31 
10125 Torino (Italy) 

e-mail: oliaro at 
Tel. 0039 011 6707698 
Fax 0039 011 6707695 


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