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Marc Le Bert lebert at
Wed Mar 21 08:44:17 EST 2001

Hi netters,

I have something like a brainstorm about the use of yeast to construct with
ease and speed the targeting vectors we use to knockout genes in mice.

My first question is about microhomologous recombination (60pb) in yeast to
modify YACs or adapted  BACs or PACs to introduce modifications. Is it so
easy and sure? (I never use yeast, generally we make a complex targeting
vector at best in 3 to 6 months!) Are there any specific strains? Which
protocol do we use?

My second question is about the promoters. Are there dual promoters that
can work both in yeast and mammalian cells? Generally I use PGK, HSVTK

My third question is about selection genes. What are the best selection
cassettes to work with? I want to shuttle my modified YACs or BACs from
yeast to mammalian cells with the same selection (G418, puromycine or
hygromycine). If not, I have to use both selection in my cassette...may be
its too large to be convenient! I want also to use the flp and FRT mutants
sites to introduce sequential modifications in my targeting vector.

And the last question is about the availability of vectors, strains,
cassettes...can someone help me to find the holy yeastland

Thanks for giving me your thoughts




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