Looking for MD to Help Treat Candida (Yeast) realted Health Problems

Steven stevenmail11 at yahoo.com
Sun Oct 7 16:33:20 EST 2001

** Note from Moderator: This is off-topic for this group,
** but I'm passing it on. A Web search at places like
** www.google.com, www.hotbot.com, or www.yahoo.com is 
** probably your best bet.  A reader from this group 
** also recommends this site: 
** http://forums.obgyn.net/forums/womens-health/
** regards,                        francis at cmmt.ubc.ca

Hi Everyone,

I live in the San Francisco Bay Area and I'm looking for a doctor to
treat candida realted yeast problems.  Does anyone know of a doctor in
the SF Bay Area who won't simply laugh away candida treatment and will
be able to perscribe drugs like nystatin?  Please let me know.

Also, has anyone had any luck finding a doctor to treat candida
related problems?  How did you find him?



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