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Arthur J.Lustig alustig at tulane.edu
Fri Apr 26 10:22:52 EST 2002

That  is an outrageous cost .  (However, they do allow institutions to buy 
licenses on a per year basis-discriminating against many institutions with 
restricted budget).  In addition, the cost of an institutional license is not 
noted at their site.  At the personal rate, the database would become 
inaccessible to most investigators.  It would be useful for Incyte to e-mail 
this group an explanation for this level of restriction on the flow of scientific 
information or any misunderstanding generated from their site.
Art Lustig

Quoting Mark Solomon <Mark.Solomon at Yale.edu>:

> Now that Incyte has bought the YPD database from Proteome, it seems
> they're about to try getting something for their purchase. 
> Specifically, beginning June 1, they will charge $2000 PER PI for
> continued access.  At least initially, there will be no site licenses
> and no possibility to pay-per-use.  They'll bundle YPD with a number
> of other databases, though only a couple will be of particular
> interest to any lab.  This fee seems outrageous, particularly for
> small labs or labs that only dabble with yeast.  I was wondering if
> there are any attempts to organize a protest.  Alternatively, where
> would you go if YPD suddenly ceased to exist, MIPS?  Thanks much.
> Mark Solomon

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