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Have you tried transforming the bait plasmid first, making those cells
competent and then transforming the prey plasmid?  Generally it is less
efficient to transform multiple plasmids.


> Hello,
> Iam a PhD student and I used the proquest two hybrid method in my
> research work. Actually, I have a problem to obtain colonnies when I
> cotransform my competent cells (MaV203) with my bait plasmid and an empty
> library plasmid (in the following DNA concentration: 1ug till 100 n for
> each plasmid)
> In other hand, I obtain colonnies when I transform my cells just with an
> empty library plasmid. So, I used several dilutions of my bait plasmid
> (1000 ng till 1 ug) but the results stay the same, no colonnies.
> I will be so glad if you can help me with some advices.
> Thanks,
> Rahima

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