lysis for cell fractionation

Antonio Marques ajlmarques at
Fri Dec 20 05:36:14 EST 2002

I'm not sure if this technique mantains the integrety of the cellular
compartments, but if you have the equipment it sure is inexpensive... I was
thinking about sonication... If done right, I suppose it will disrupt the
cellular membrane only, but I don't know about the ratio of lysis...
Say something if you try it or if you find out any other way ok?

Best regards...

"Peter Mastrangelo" <peter.mastrangelo at> wrote in message
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> Dear Yeasters,
> What is the best technique for preparing yeast lysates for cell
> fractionation.  Ideally, I'm looking for a technique that is gentle and
> maintains the integrety of the different cellular compartments without
> being too expensive (such as preparing extracts from spheroplasts made
> Zymolase).
> Any suggestions would be appreciated,
> Peter
> Peter Mastrangelo, Ph. D.,
> Centre for Research in Neurodegenerative Disease,
> Tanz Neuroscience Bldg.,
> University of Toronto,
> 6 Queen's Park Cres. West,
> Toronto, Ontario, Canada.
> M5S 3H2
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