Brewers Yeast Powder (pasteurized)

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Tue Jan 1 16:33:46 EST 2002

Dear Readers

I am a layman with a keen interest in brewers yeast powder and in the development of food products.

I have been working with a pasteurized brewers yeast powder (light brown in color) sourced apparently from somewhere in Europe.  I would like to learn more about this particular product (strains/genes etc) a knowledge of which will assist me in my work. I am unable to locate the manufacturer of this particular product, so a few questions if anyone could please help?

1) Where could I get this product analyzed to provide me with the information i seek?

2) Contrary to the claim that the product cannot be used as a raising agent, I have observed activity in the presence of various compositions of protein solutions. What phenomena might be taking place?Could this be respiration/fermentation or, something else? Been thought inert, I was surprised to observe this.

3) When mixed with water into a cream like solution and stored in at room temperatures, would there be any affect on the yeast component (e.g fermentation/respiration etc.).

Many thanks for any help you could provide.

Paul Marsden

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