VectorDB now hosted at SGD

Chandra Theesfeld chandra at
Tue Jul 16 12:11:09 EST 2002

** VectorDB now hosted at SGD **

SGD is now hosting VectorDB, generously provided to us by Stephen Misener.
VectorDB contains annotations and sequence information for several
yeast/E.coli vectors and as well as other vectors commonly used in
molecular biology. You can easily retrieve vector sequences from links to
GenBank provided on the vector description pages. You may also
search for information on more than 2600 vectors with the VectorDB
search and BLAST tools.  

SGD is in the process of incorporating sequence and plasmid information
from VectorDB into our database to take advantage of SGD's sequence
retrieval and sequence analysis tools, so please check back often. If you
have any questions or suggestions about VectorDB, please contact us:
yeast-curator at

VectorDB Home:

Search VectorDB:


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