Do I need special diet with Nystatin to combat Candida?

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Sat Nov 9 17:23:18 EST 2002

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Do I need special diet with Nystatin to combat Candida?

I have Candida.  I've had 4 tests done all of which show a +3
imbalance of Candida Albicans.  I have related symptoms.  I tried a strict
diet and supplements for 3 months but symptoms haven't subsided, neither has
Candida after another test.

I am therefore now going onto Nystatin Mycostatin 500,000 unit oral tablets
3-times daily.  See

What the product leaflet doesn't tell you is:

1.    Do I need to follow a strict anti-Candida diet whilst on these, or are
they strong enough that is it unnecessary?

2.    How long should I stay on them in order to combat 3+ Candida?  I've
read varying info from 72 hours - 4 months!  My underlying symptoms such as
anxiety may not subside immediately after the Candida has been eradicated.

Thanks for your help.  If you wish to discuss whether or not I have Candida,
please take the discussion to other related threads as I am not in any doubt
and do not wish to discuss it any more - I wish to take action.  If I don't
have it, then taking this course of treatment won't make things any worse,
so I'd like to try either way.



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