Mitochondrial Targeting

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Fri Nov 22 09:22:29 EST 2002

Hi Ben,

The presequence of the COX4 gene, encoding subunit IV of cytochrome c  
oxidase, has been used repeatedly to target proteins to the  
mitochondrial matrix. One of the first such studies was:

Hurt EC, Pesold-Hurt B, Suda K, Oppliger W, Schatz G.	The first twelve  
amino acids (less than half of the pre-sequence) of an imported  
mitochondrial protein can direct mouse cytosolic dihydrofolate  
reductase into the yeast mitochondrial matrix. EMBO J. 1985  
Aug;4(8):2061-8. PMID: 2998781.

Hope this is helpful!

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On Thursday, November 21, 2002, at 07:20 AM, ben field (JIC) wrote:

> I have a truncated plant protein in a pYES2 expression vector. I'm
> using it to complent a yeast mutant. However, I think I need to target
> to the mitochondrial matrix. Does anyone know of a short well tested
> signal sequence I could use to do this? Thanks for your help. Ben

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