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Wei Xiao wei.xiao at
Fri Oct 4 21:07:26 EST 2002


Two postdoctoral positions are available immediately, both using budding
yeast as a model eukaryote. One is to study the molecular mechanisms of DNA
postreplication repair and mutagenesis.  The second position is to study
molecular mechanisms of gene regulation in response to DNA damage.  For more
details of research interest, please visit our web site given below.

Candidates with background in biochemistry, cell biology, molecular biology
and genetics are encouraged to apply. Annual salary begins with $32,000 -
$35,000, based on experience.  Salary competitive and is based on
experience.  Please send CV and names of three references with contact
information to:

Wei Xiao, Ph.D.


Department of Microbiology and Immunology

University of Saskatchewan

107 Wiggins Road

Saskatoon, SK, S7N 5E5 Canada


Tel: 306-966-4308

Fax: 306-966-4311

E-mail: wei.xiao at

Web site:


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