Investigation involving Immobilized yeast

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Mon Oct 7 11:38:01 EST 2002

Dear Sirs,

I am an A-Level student planning an investigation for a coursework.
The investigation involves mixing a suspension of yeast in a sodium
alginate solution and then making small pellets of the mixture by
putting it in Calcium Chloride (with sucrose) using a pipette.  This
part works okay; the pellets form and harden slightly.

The main part of the investigation, however, involves checking the
rate of the yeast respiration in different carbohydrate solutions
(e.g. Glucose, Lactose, Galactose etc.) of the same concentration.
The plan I have is to see how long it takes for the pellets to rise to
the surface of the solution (in a measuring cylinder) thereby being
able to make some comments about the relative speeds of repiration of
yeast in the different solutions.  For this to happen however, the
pellets will be required to sink, which they seem to refuse to do.

I was wondering if you would be able to help me find some way of
making the pellets heavier so enabling them to sink.  My teacher and
myself are at a loss as to how to achieve this.

I realise that most of the questions asked and answered in this
newsgroup would be pertaining to far more advanced topics, for far
more important research/projects, but if it is possible please send me
some suggestions for answers to my question.

Thank you,
Rameses. D.

P.S.  If it is no inconvenience please send your answers to 
ramesesr14 at
as something is wrong with my news reader and I can't seem to recieve
any  posts.


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