Yeast Experiment

Daniel danielg81 at
Sun Oct 13 22:57:21 EST 2002

Hello, I am doing an initial search on Saccharomyces cerevisiae, before we can design our experiment we must learn all we can about this yeast. I have found somethings going on-line such as ideal temperature being around 30 degrees Celsius, optimum pH for the growth of this yeast to be at 4.5, and some of it's inhibitors and stimulators for fermentation, but as I said I got this on the Internet, are there any good books I can find this info on. I want to double check myself. As of now i have my Bio book from Moleclar/Cellular Bio and access to a MicroBio book, but are there any other books that could give more info, or experiments that were performed so I can get a better understanding of what I can base my project on? Thank you.


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