Met auxotrophy in Y187. MET13/MET15

eddie_f at eddie_f at
Fri Sep 6 15:30:06 EST 2002

Hi everybody !

When I tried to transform the two hybrid strain Y187 with a pRS411 construct
(MET15) I could not get any transformands. In the Matchmaker user guide the
Clontech people mention only met- for this strain, so I assumed it would be
met15 and used pRS411. After one hour of net-searching I found that it might
be met13 indeed (Mol Cells 2001 Jun 30;11(3):275-80, by Lee MY and Kim J).

Has anybody practical experience ? I wonder if could get a plasmid with
MET13 somewhere. My problem is simple: METxx is the only marker left in my

Thank you for your help !


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