Question on growth of S. cerevisae on different sugars

Joaquin Royo joaquin.royo at
Wed Apr 23 04:58:26 EST 2003

Hi, I am currently working with a plant promoter that I suspect is induced in response to sugars. I have it cloned in S. cerevisae, strain MaV203, controlling the lacZ gene and I would like to test in this system its inducibility in response to several sugars in the medium. SD medium contains glucose 2% (w/v) and I intend replacing glucose with other sugars as fructose, sucrose and mannitol with the same molar concentrations or in a range of concentrations. Do you think S. cerevisae will grow OK with those sugars replacing glucose, or there will be side effects I am unaware of?.
Thank you a lot in advance.

Joaquin Royo
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