Missing Attribute Values in the yeast S. cerevisiae gene expression vectors

David Tian yuanxi80 at hotmail.com
Wed Feb 26 21:29:41 EST 2003


I am doing classifications of genes using the yeast S. cerevisiae gene
expression vectors available at


The data is in the form of a matrix; first row is a list of attributes
which are hybridization experiments(79); first column is the names for
the 2467 genes.
So each row forms a gene with 79 attributes. The matrix is therefore

The problem is that for all genes some of attribute values towards the
end of the attribute list are missing. I am not familiar with the
hybridization experiments at all.
The paper about this machine learning problem does not say anything
about dealing with missing values. Shall I ignore them or fill in some
guess values?

Many thanks,


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