PYFF2 first anouncement

Jean-Marie Francois fran_jm at
Thu Oct 30 06:53:48 EST 2003

Dear Colleagues

To all whom are or might be interested by the PYFF2 meeting (the
second international meeting on Physiology of Yeasts and Filamentous

HERE IS THE LATEST INFORMATION about the PYFF2 meeting to be held in
ANGLET (France) next March 24 to 28, 2004

1- THE DEADLINE FOR The registration and abstract submission to be
selected by the Scientific board for an oral presentation is DECEMBER
15 . After this date, you can still register and submit an abstract
but the fees will be increased by 10 %.  You should also be aware that
the maximal capacity is limited to 250 participants.

2- The scientific program is now available on the WEB. We will be
able to finalize it and to provide complete title of the talks as well
as abstracts content hopefully 2 weeks before the meeting

3- It was not explicitly stated in the WEB site whether or not it is
possible to be accompanied by spouse or husband.  We actually can
accept of course this request and will we book specific twin room for
those that are willing to be accompanied. This possibility is offer
with an extra 400 =80 for the accompanying person, which will cover
housing and meals, including the Farewell dinner. You have to register
this accompanying person on the web site and specify in the
corresponding box that he/ she is an accompanying person, and not a
scientist and who is the corresponding scientist coming with.

For more information, please contact PROGEP (Progep at

Your faithfully
Jean M Fran=E7ois
Organiser of PYFF2

NOTE our next 2004 PYFF2 meeting at
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