New Saccharomyces Sequences 04/28/04

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Wed Apr 28 13:53:48 EST 2004

====================== New DNA Sequences =======================

CQ794432    CQ794432     1461bp    linear   PAT      19-APR-2004
    Sequence 31 from Patent WO2004024932.

CQ794544    CQ794544     1335bp    linear   PAT      19-APR-2004
    Sequence 47 from Patent WO2004024933.

CQ795550    CQ795550     1800bp    linear   PAT      19-APR-2004
    Sequence 23 from Patent WO2004024931.

CQ796780    CQ796780     7809bp    linear   PAT      19-APR-2004
    Sequence 3 from Patent WO2004026907.

YSCITRSA2   L32174     2075bp    linear   PLN      26-APR-2004
    Saccharomyces cerevisiae isoleucyl tRNA synthetase (LAF1) gene, partial
     cds; and unknown gene.
    LAF1; isoleucyl tRNA synthetase.

YSCSBHV     L38891      829bp    linear   PLN      26-APR-2004
    Saccharomyces cerevisiae Sec61 beta-subunit homolog, second form (SBHV2)
     mRNA, complete cds.
    Sec61 beta subunit, second form; homologue; SBHV2; Sec61 beta-subunit
     homolog, second form.

=========== Updated Sequence Features/Annotations  =============

AF374615    AF374615      572bp    linear   PLN      20-APR-2004
    Saccharomyces cerevisiae 26S ribosomal RNA gene, partial sequence.
    26S ribosomal RNA.

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