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Mon Feb 2 18:25:00 EST 2004

If you want the background on the reason for this question:

Please, surf over to:

punch in Patent No. 6, 465, 027.

This patent, give more, better information on making naturally levened
bread than any other I've seen for quite some time.

P.S. -- This patent, while in English, is a translation from the
French. The English is good, but the translator doesn't know much
about microorganisms, or baking science. So the 23 pages are a long,
hard read. In the end, I've read it 3 or 4 times, and am only know
getting the whole gist of it, now. You are warned...

To everybody else reading this:

If you are a bio-chemist, amateur homebrewer, professional artisan
baker, microbiologist, food chemist, etc. in this vein, please let me
know what is needed to take 5mL of culture such as is distributed/sold
by the likes of the ATCC, CBS, and so on, and culture it up to several
gallons. I am already familiar with MRS Broth, Difco, and the like. I
would prefer something simpler. (cheaper?) As the fed-batch of
organisms would be used immediately upon the fermentables being
consumed, we aren't a holding company. The metabolites won't have
enough time to kill off the viable bugs.

"In parallel, preparation of each of the selected yeast strains are
carried out by means of conventional techniques for the cultivation of
yeast using preferably pure sugars, especially glucose, at least at
the level of a "pied de cuve" or "starter foot of a tank" or "starter
yeast preparation" enableing to have starter yeasts capable of seeding
the leaven." (That's page 15 of the Text version)

The in parallel reference is to (shudder) bacteria.

"starter foot?" Glucose a foot deep? How about several inches?

Please post a note here if you are familiar with the specifics.

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