Vitamin K biosynthesis in yeast?

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Wed Mar 3 04:26:36 EST 2004

Hi there,

I was just wondering if there was an efficient biosynthetic pathway
for vitamin K (menaquinone), similar to the bacterial one, in budding
yeast.  I had a quick search in Pubmed but no hit=85

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Reply from the moderator: It appears that yeast does not have vitamin
K biosynthetic pathways.  Searching SGD for menaquione or Vitamin K
shows no annotations to genes.  Also looking at the AmiGO database for
the Gene Ontology Consortium, it appears that only gene products from
Arabidopsis and prokaryotes have been associated with:

vitamin K metabolism


vitamin K2 biosynthesis

Another related term exists but no associations are listed:

vitamin K1 biosynthesis


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